Who We Are ?

Web Media is a team of young, ambitious, skilled, experienced guys who want to make everyone to be happy and everyone to realize their dreams and ideas.

WebMedia is an Internet-oriented company. Our work covers the complete Internet services: domain registration, hosting business, development and production of simple and complex websites, web applications, web shops and internet marketing.


No fortress could not be conquered
Your dream is Our challenge

What we do

Web Applications

Preparation of Web applications strictly on your needs and tastes. Preparing each web application is under the latest standards and trends and innovative work methods established and used worldwide.


Making Internet-oriented software, adapted to your needs in order to realize your ideas, desires, dreams ...
With the latest and most innovative technologies.

Redesign of websites

If your website / application is outdated cifically and is not in trend with the latest standards we are here to change it. Design and tailor made for you and your business. With the redesign your website / application receives a new character much better and much more effective and up to date with current trends and technologies

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a very important for the operation and promotion of your business.
We know how to do it! It needs to choose!

Give us a hand

We helping our clients to achieve success and
we grow together